[Clfs-support] eglibc-2.13 testsuite

Robert Watson robwatson2 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 12:20:23 PDT 2011

When compiling eglibc-2.13 using gcc-4.6.0 for 64 bit in an x86_64 multilib
cross compile, the testsuite will report that eglibc-2.13/elf/tst-audit4.o,
/eglibc-2.13/elf/tst-audit6.o and /eglibc-2.13/elf/tst-audit7.o fail with
Error 132.

I did some research on these errors and it appears to me that the errors are
harmless and have to do with an -mavx switch being used with the 64 bit

I have not yet taken the time to work out an actual fix.

robwatson2 at gmail.com
OpenHost OS
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